How-to Flash with Enhanced DRB III Emulator

  1. Open the latest version of TechTOOLS
  2. Search by VIN or YME
  3. Select the "DRB III Emulator" checkbox
  4. Select the desired flash
  5. Select "Download / Update"

  6. When the download completes, close the download prompt
  7. On the same computer, launch the Enhanced DRB III Emulator from the wiTECH application

  8. Select "7.  Vehicle Flash"

  9. Select "Flash Powertrain" or "Flash Non-Powertrain"
  10. Select "Start"

  11. Address the prompts to progress through the flash process
  12. When the flash completes, close the complete prompt.
  13. Clear DTCs


For a video version of this procedure, please see the following article:

Posted: Chris Ordner - Fri, Nov 4, 2016. This article has been viewed 10057 times.
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