Enhanced DRB III Emulator


The DRB III™ hardware device is a handheld diagnostic tool that preceded the Next Generation Service Tool (NGST) family of service tools in FCA dealerships.  This tool was introduced in 1994 and can no longer be manufactured in its current form due to parts obsolescence.  Most of the software for the DRB III has been deployed in the Enhanced DRB III Emulator.  The DRB III Emulator does not include the functionality that was on some PCMCIA cards that were deployed for the original DRB III.  The new Enhanced DRB III Emulator is to replace the need for the original DRB III Emulator and include the following PCMCIA based application cards of the DRB III:

The devices to be supported by the New Enhanced DRB III Emulator will include the following:

Although the DRB III required the use of additional cables, the microPod II will not require any additional cables.

In order to get the new Enhanced DRB III Emulator you must have the following:

Please reference the attached supported vehicle list

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Posted: Tue, Apr 18, 2017 5:26 PM
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