New “Network Check” feature in wiTECH Diagnostic Application


Starting from version 14.02.56, a new feature called “Network Check” has been implemented in wiTECH. This feature can be accessed by selecting Help → Network Check option as depicted in the screenshot below:

Upon selecting the “Network Check” option, the “Network Check” utility window will appear as shown in the screenshot below:

This new feature will enable the user to check whether the PC in which the wiTECH Diagnostic Application runs, has been able to connect to the required web-sites for

  1. Automatic software updates.
  2. Receive software updates in a silent mode.
  3. Diagnostic Tools registration.
  4. Data recordings and various reports upload.
  5. Smooth functioning of wiTECH Diagnostic Application.

To run the “Network Check” utility, please click on the “Start Network Check” button as shown in the screenshot below:

Network Check will test the following sites to confirm they are available from your network.

If any of the web-sites listed above in the screenshot is not available, you may experience issues with the wiTECH application functions/features listed above. 

The “Network Check” feature is also available from wiTECH “Standalone Mode” by accessing Help → Network Check option.

If you are not getting an automated wiTECH Diagnostic Application update prompt or receiving a device registration warning despite your device is registered, you can run the “Network Check” utility to confirm you have access to the required web-sites/domains.

NOTE: All wiTECH users should have network access to and all of its sub-domains as trusted sites.

For additional assistance or questions on the “Network Check” feature, please email wiTECH Help Desk at [email protected]

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Posted: Thu, Apr 26, 2018
Last Updated: Thu, Apr 26, 2018
Posted: Chris Ordner

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