J2534 Support

Procedure for Chrysler J2534 Support:

Please read through the different levels below to determine where you should direct communications related to your J2534 issue.

PLEASE NOTE: The wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk DOES NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS regarding J2534 issues or questions.


Level 1

If you need assistance using your J2534 generic scan tool, such as:

  • Assistance with errors when attempting vehicle communication
  • Attempting to perform ECU reprogramming
  • Writing the VIN

Please contact your generic scan tool hardware manufacturer directly. The J2534 device manufacturer will then collect the necessary information about the error/issue and create an open issue ticket with Chrysler to work through the issue. This is necessary to ensure that the appropriate technical data is provided to determine the root cause of the problem.

Please keep in mind that because of the distributed PC model that J2534 uses, the problem can reside in one or more software or hardware components which are developed and managed by different responsible parties.

Generic scan tool manufacturers are required by Chrysler to report any issues they determine are the fault of the Chrysler J2534 application directly to Chrysler. If your device manufacturer is not aware of this process, a device manufacturer can email support@witechtools.com to request information on how they can report J2534 application issues directly to Chrysler.


Level 2

If you need assistance with the TechAuthority website, including, but not limited to, any of the following items please contact the wiTECH Helpdesk:

  • Any issue accessing the TechAuthority website
  • Any issue with purchasing a TechAuthority subscription
  • Any issues related to credit card processing while trying to make a purchase from TechAuthority
  • Service Diagnostic Procedure information
  • Wiring diagram information


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