Modified Location Profiles for use with Enhanced DRB III Emulator

The wiTECH Diagnostic Application is used to launch the Enhanced DRB III Emulator. To discover a VCI, the wiTECH Diagnostic Application utilizes multicast as the default mechanism for the diagnostic tool discovery process. You can change the discovery mechanism from multicast to HTTP by creating a modified location profile. The Modified Location Profile feature is not a workaround; it is a valid method for tool discovery on non-multicast supported networks.
  1. To create this profile, select the Modify Location Profiles button in the lower-right side of the application discovery screen.

  2. Uncheck "Local Discovery"
  3. Select Add

  4. Enter a name for the profile
  5. Under "IP Address," click the "+" button and enter the applicable/possible DHCP tool IP addresses.  The USB connected VCI IP address is
  6. Select Save

  7. The new profile should now be listed and selected in Profile Manager
  8. Select OK

  9. Now you will see all the IPs listed under the workgroup. If a tool is not responding, the device name will be greyed out and listed as "unresolved."

  10. If the list does not display, close and re-launch the application and restart the wiTECH Server.
    • You can check the "Hide Unresponsive Devices" box if you do not need the devices that are not responding.