Supplemental Reprogramming Tool (SRT 8432) Issue: Flash Download Failed

  • Some 2001 to 2005 ST22 – Sebring/Stratus 3.0L PCM/ECM flashes require the use of the SRT 8432 device with the TechTOOLs application. 
  • When selecting the appropriate flash file to download and clicking on download/update, you may receive the message, “Flash Download Failed.  Close this window and try again” near 3% of the download complete (see below).

  1. Close out of the Flash Download/Update Progress window as prompted above. 
  2. Click on Device Options near the top left of the TechTOOLs application (see below). 
  3. Select COM Port Settings.

  1. Select the SRT 8432 from the Device Option drop-down menu, and select the COM1 as the COM Ports option drop-down menu. 
  2. Click Update (see below).

  1. You will receive the message shown below.  The COM Port 1 has now been configured to use with the SRT 8432. 
  2. Connect the SRT 8432 to the PC and then restart the TechTOOLs application as prompted. 

  1. After relaunching TechTOOLs, select the appropriate flash file to download and click on the Download/Update icon
  2. You should now be able to successfully download the chosen flash file to the SRT 8432 tool.