Knowledge Base Glossary

Glossary is usually defined as an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This knowledge base glossary provides a collection of knowledge base documents that define many technical terms. These terms are arranged alphabetically, but you can quickly jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index of the knowledge base glossary below.

IP Address
An IP Address is a unique identifier given to a network device to facilitate communication on a network. A standard IPv4 address is 32-bits in length and commonly represented as 4 bytes or octets, represented by numbers ranging between 0 and 255. IP addresses can be assigned to devices dynamically from a DHCP server or assigned manually to each device.
IP Address Conflict
IP conflicts happen when the same IP address has been assigned to more than one device on the same network. This situation can cause delays and outages affecting diagnostics. An IP address defined for a device MUST be unique to that device and cannot be used by other devices.

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