When flashing DRBIII error shows there is not enough available space


End user is trying to flash a vehicle and receiving a message: "Select fewer flashes since total size of the select flashes exceeds the available space in the device.

Then in the bottom left hand corner it will show: "256k of 0k is being used" (256 could be a different number depending on how many flashes the Customer is trying to select).


  1. Verify that the DRB is on the correct version, if it is not; get it to the correct version.
  2. If the DRB is up to date, stop the USB using the icon present in the right bottom corner of the screen (looks like a card with an arrow over it, left click on the icon and click on the "Stop GPIB-USB-B" and wait for a message that says that it is ok to disconnect the DRB)
  3. Then disconnect the DRB and re-connect it, the DRB should now say 948k (instead of 0).
    1. If it does not, close off TechTOOLS and then re-open the Application.
    2. If this does not work try the following:
      1. Cold boot the DRB and then power it off. Reboot the TechCONNECT client.
  4. Once the client is back to the desktop, power the DRB back on.
  5. Log back into TechTOOLS and it should now show the 948k.


To cold boot the DRBIII complete the following steps:

  1. Power the DRBIII on.
  2. Simultaneously press the “MORE” and “YES” keys.
  3. A screen will appear requesting a “COLD BOOT”.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions by selecting the ’F4’ key.

The DRBIII will now perform its cold boot.