J2534 Flash Availability Document

The attached J2534 Flash Availability document is intended to provide Aftermarket users with the correct ECU flash reprogramming part number and designated supercedence list. To perform flashes via J2534, a Tech Authority subscription will be required in addition to the wiTECH subscription.


To use the J2534 Flash Availability document:  

  • Confirm current ECU software part number or new generic ECU replacement part number.
  • Review the J2534 Flash Availability document for the vehicle YME (year, model, and engine) and the ECU
  • Review list for updated ECU part number and supercedence.   


  • This is the list of supported software part numbers that a specific ECU flash will update.
  • If the current software part number is not listed, the flash will not update the controller and is not applicable to that particular YME and part.

Steps After Successful Flash Reprogramming:

  • Chrysler J2534 Flash Application for 2009 and earlier vehicles does not provide any functionality for Routine/Key programming after a successful flash.
  • After successful reprogramming or replacement of any J2534-applicable ECU, the J2534 generic scan tool user must follow associated Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for any additionally required steps.
    • TSB information can be found on TechAuthority Online website.
    • If a routine must be performed in order to start the vehicle, J2534 users will need to refer to TSB 08-030-06 REV.A for more details.

NOTE: The New J2534 Application supports these functions on only 2010 and newer vehicles.   

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