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Enhanced DRB III Emulator – Aftermarket/Fleet Only

Beginning August 1, 2014, any Aftermarket/Fleet sales of wiTECH Equipment will no longer include the DRB III Emulator. For vehicle support prior to 2004 (and certain vehicles until 2010), the Enhanced DRB III Emulator will need to be used for diagnos... Read More

Getting Started with wiTECH 2.0 - Aftermarket

For Aftermarket Users ONLY Navigate to the wiTECH Aftermarket Acount Manager at https://am-prod-02-submgr.am.fcawitech.com/login.htm and create an account to get started with using wiTECH 2.0. The Account Manager will provide instructions u... Read More

How-To Configure Wireless on a microPod II - Aftermarket

For Aftermarket Users ONLY Note: The VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) device requires the wireless network to have password protected authentication. You will not be able to connect the VCI to a public wireless network.  1. T... Read More

How-To Create an Okta Login Account

  For Aftermarket Users ONLY   Introduction This article will describe how to create an Okta login account.  The account owner will automatically receive an Okta email when adding a subscription to a tool.  When a new user is ad... Read More

How-To Purchase a wiTECH 2.0 Subscription - Aftermarket

For Aftermarket Users ONLY   Note: After subscribing to wiTECH 2.0, your subscription term begins immediately. At the end of your subscription term, it will automatically renew. You can cancel a subscription at any time for the subsequent term.... Read More

How-To Recover an Expired Okta Activation Link

  For Aftermarket Users ONLY   Introduction This article will describe what to do when the Okta activation link expires before the Okta login account has been created. WARNING: These links are one time use. After clicking the activation lin... Read More

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