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How-To Setup Your microPod - Aftermarket

  For Aftermarket Users ONLY   Introduction This article describes how to configure your microPod II device for use with Aftermarket wiTECH 2.0. This guide will cover: How to Download and Install the microPOD Setup Utility How to use t... Read More

MDP Warranty Replacement

The MDP has a standard 2-year warranty from the date shipped. The process to replace your MDP under the standard warranty will be: Contact the wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk for technical troubleshooting. If it is determined to be a hardware issue... Read More

Okta Assistance

For Aftermarket User ONLY   Self-Serve Options Forgot Password: This is used when the user needs help with forgot password problems. Help can be sought directly through SMS token or password-reset email requests. Reset via SMS Reset via Email ... Read More

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