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  1. 3rd - Configure Wi-Fi on a VCI 3rd Step in new Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) Device Setup. For North America Dealerships ONLY   How-to Configure Wi-Fi on a VCI ATTENTION: Prior to configuring and updating your Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) device, please foll... Read More
  2. How-To Configure Wireless on a microPod II - Aftermarket For Aftermarket Users ONLY Note: The VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) device requires the wireless network to have password protected authentication. You will not be able to connect the VCI to a public wireless network.  1. To begin, start the V... Read More
  3. How-to Configure a Wireless Profile on a microPOD 2 For Dealerships ONLY   How-to Configure a Wireless Profile on a microPod 2 ATTENTION: Prior to configuring and updating your microPOD, please follow Knowledge Base (KB) article Steps to Associate microPods to Service Technician . Note: If this is a n... Read More

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