TechTOOLs Reads "DRB III Not Connected"

Case Verification:

  • With the DRB III connected to the GPIB cable TechTOOLS displays "Device Status: DRB Not Connected"


Models Affected:

AB - Ram Van/Wagon DH - Ram Pickup HD KJ - Liberty PL - Neon WJ - Grand Cherokee
AJ - LeBaron DN - Durango LH - New Yorker PR - Prowler XJ - Cherokee
AN - Dakota DR - Ram Pickup LH - Vision PT - Chrysler Cruiser ZB - Viper Coupe/Roadster
AS - Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country JA - Breeze LH - LHS RG - (EXPORT) Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country ZG - (EXPORT) Grand Cherokee
BD - (IMPORT) Laser, Talon JA - Cirrus LH - Intrepid RS - Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country ZH - Crossfire
BE - Ram Pickup/Quad Cab JA - Stratus LH -Concorde ST - Sebring/Stratus Coupe ZJ - Grand Cherokee
BR - Ram Pickup JR - Sebring/Stratus Sedan LH - 300M TJ - Wrangler XH - (EXPORT) Commander
CS - Pacifica JR - Sebring Convertible NS - Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country VA - Sprinter DC - Ram 3500 Cab Chassis



  • 1993-2006

System or Component Group:  

  • 18 - Vehicle Performance/Driveability Scan Tool Diagnostic Trouble Codes/Error Message Scan Tool Not Communicating

Condition Verification: 

  • Yes - Continuously


  • In the case where a connection can not be made with the DRB III using the TechTOOLS application there may be a USB driver conflict or a USB problem.
  • Confirm in the the Safely Remove Hardware Manager (located in the System Tray) that you see the GPIB-USB converter connected. 
    • If the PC sees the GPIB-USB connection here this is usually a good indication that the driver has been installed properly. 
  • However, if at first you do not see the GPIB-USB connection, confirm that the Green power light is on on the GPIB-USB converter.


  • There are 6 USB connections on the DealerCONNECT Dell Client.
  • In most cases you can disconnect the GPIB Protocol converter at the USB connection and move to another USB connection.
    • This USB connection is a Blue ended connector.
  • By moving the GPIB to another USB connection you are forcing the Dell PC to reinstall the GPIB Drivers.



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