1st - Associate Service Technicians to VCI Devices

1st Step in new Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) Device Setup.

For North America Dealerships ONLY

Steps to Associate Service Technicians to VCI Devices

For a video version Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) devices, please watch Video - How-to Setup a new device for wiTECH 2.0 


Log into the Technical Service Portal at www.witechsystem.com


Within the Manage Assets tab of the Menu Bar, select Manage Assets


All VCIs shipped to your dealership will be shown on the Asset Summary page.


To associate a Service Technician with a VCI: 

  1. Select Edit Users on the appropriate line showing the VCI Serial Number you are associating
  2. If No Users’ is shown, this VCI still needs to be associated
  3. If a number is shown, it indicates how many Service Technicians are associated to that particular VCI


Locate the correct Service Technician from the drop-down menu and click  “Map User” button.

(Note: only one Service Technician can be selected at a time)

You are finished!

a. The associated Service Technician will then appear as a Mapped User

b. Service Technicians and associated VCIs will appear in the wiTECH 2.0 User Interface screens



If you wish to add multiple users onto a single VCI, click on the drop down box, select the employees name and click Map User .

a. Continue to add all users as desired.

b. All Service Technician and associated VCIs will appear in the wiTECH 2.0 User Interface screens

Note: DO NOT assign more than 26 users to the same VCI as wiTECH 2.0 System cannot handle more than that limit.

In order to delete users, click the “Delete” button and the employee will be removed from the mapped list.

Note:  Allow 30 minutes for the changes to complete before communication can be achieved.

Please contact wiTECH Premium Support at 1-888-948-3241 or via email at support@witechtools.com if you need further assistance on associating tools to the users. 

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