Regenerate a Corrupt YubiKey File

Aftermarket Only


A corrupt file will have a string of “cccccccccccc” or “000000000” in any of the columns. Please see spreadsheet image below. Also, configuration file has to be a comma-separated values (.csv) format. No other format is accepted.

Example 1

Example 2



Please follow the steps below to regenerate the Yubikey configuration file by reinserting the YubiKey into the computer (via USB) and launching the YubiKey Personalization Tool.

Step 1 Select "Configuration Slot 1"

Step 2 Under configuration protection select the “Change access code”

Step 3 – 4 Select “Current and New Access Codes“ check boxes

Step 5 – 7 Select all three "Generate" buttons

Step 8 Click on “Write Configuration”

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